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Notes from 2009 District 19-B Convention panel on PR.

Note, don’t try to invent PR ideas. There are no “new” PR ideas just ideas out there waiting for you to adopt for your club. If you have an idea that works for your club or hear of a good idea let me know and I will share it. We’ll call this the “Lions PR Idea Bank”.  I will ask Kathy Schumer to put the PR Idea Bank on the District web site.  I am also going to start a "Lions Club Speaker Bank" with ideas of good speakers for clubs.  Send me your ideas for this bank as well.

- Art Ruben, District 19-B PR Chairperson

Always wear your Lions pin. Be prepared to tell people what Lions DO.

Contact local merchants about using their reader boards for special events… say thank you by inviting them to a meeting.

Use flyers and posters. Design flyer to be used as a poster.

Use A-Boards or banners to promote events… “Lions at Work”

Wear a small sign or badge that says “Ask me about Lions”

Order balloons with Lions logo for special events… colorful and cheap.

Contact restaurants about providing paper placemats with Lion and club information.

Buy an ad or listing in local phone directories.

Install a Lions road sign… available from Lions International. Be sure you get permission from property owner or government agency.

Submit articles to local papers about issues relating to sight, hearing, diabetes and other health issues supported by Lions… much information on-line or through various organizations.

Write a letter to the editor thanking the public and others who helped with a community service or fund raiser activity. Consider purchasing an ad in local papers.


Put up signs at Lions events that say “accepting new members”.

Participate in Lions Sight and Hearing Month or other Lions special events.

Speak to other groups about Lions and/or Lions projects.

Distribute a community calendar with local events. Be sure to include Lions activities and meetings.

Distribute LION Magazine in local waiting rooms… cover member’s name on cover with label printed with local contact info.


Expand your eyeglass collection box distribution locations to include places like libraries, churches, court houses, schools, hospitals, community centers and in other public areas. Put a label on front that says “For Lion information Call________”. Use same label you put on the LION magazine. See above.

While collecting for White Cane Days distribute flyers about your club. Be sure to have an A-Board or small banner promoting Lions and White Cane Days.

Contact local TV cable companies for space on their broadcasts.

Acquire booth space at local fairs and exhibitions.

Honor local students for community service with a scholarship.

Participate in “Spectacle Sunday” to collect used eyeglasses at local churches. Be sure to request a write-up in the church bulletin.

Participate in parades. Hand out flyers along the way if allowed.

Put a Lions license plate frame or decal on your car.

Make sure your club brochure is up to date.

Sponsor a local park. Be sure that there is a sign that says “This park is sponsored by ______ Lions Club”. Help with cleanup of the park as a club activity. Celebrate with a club picnic at the park.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce or other business associations. Participate in networking events with a booth.

Wear your Lions vest, T-shirt, hat …. especially at club events.

Carry a Lions business card with you. They are useful when you want to make a good impression.

Create window displays about Lions at local businesses.

Adopt a road or a highway.

Utilize community bulletin boards.

Wear a Lion costume especially where children are going to be present.

Honor a local volunteer, hero, politician or community activist with Lions Medal of Merit Award. See Lions award catalog or web site.

Develop community e-mail list and promote Lions and club events.

Get names and e-mail addresses from prospects, speakers, community leaders, local media, donors and friends.

Create a portable display board about your club.

Distribute Lions “Service Animals Welcome” decals to local businesses for their front door or windows.

Include a welcome letter in “Newcomer” or Welcome Wagon” packets.

Always include a contact phone number, name or web site info on all signs and materials.



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